Minggu, 08 Januari 2017

Menanakan Status Yang Baik Baik Saja

Menanakan Status Yang Baik Baik Saja - Heaps of waste from domestic waste can interfere / contaminate: leachate (waste water), odor and aesthetics. Midden also cover the surface of the ground so that the land could not be used. Heaps of garbage can produce.

nitrogen gas and sulfide acid, the substance mercury, chromium and arsenic in the garbage can caused the pollution of soil / bio disturbance to soil, vegetation, ucapan selamat hari raya damaging the surface structure and texture of the soil. Other waste is a metal oxide, either dissolved or not to be toxic at ground level.

Which causes the lining of land can not be penetrated by the roots of plants and impermeable to water is Inorganic waste not ter-biodegradable, so the absorption of water and minerals to fertilize the soil is lost and the number of microorganisms in tanahpun will be reduced, and therefore the plant is difficult to grow and even die because it does not get the food to thrive.

Feces, detergents, used motor oil, paint, is a domestic wastewater; peresapannya into the ground will damage the soil water content and the chemicals contained status bbm in them can kill the micro-organisms in the soil, this is the one that is mentioned as a soil pollution.

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